The focus of my work in the last few years, is the topic of body / identity / individual.
The starting point was human body and individuality. Here I have worked with general problems, with the question of absence or presence, be in proportion to body and space, physical presence, or not, the emptiness. 

I revolve in my works on Existentialism main issues; how a man relates to life's fundamental meaninglessness or absurdity.

The classic debate over the body, life and death in relation to modern images was also the subject of my work.
I have devoted much of my early studies in sculpture. This not in the traditional sense but I have used modern materials for contemporary images of reality. Here too was the question of body / identity / individual in the center of the work.
Increasingly found in my work in recent years media such as text, image (photo / slide / video), sound and light use. My installations are different from this example, each corresponding media and record the time with one and the transience of the installations themselves, which are temporary in nature and be from the issuance will not see again.
What it is important to me and how I have spent the last years, is also that the artwork is completely absent with an expression that both can be corny and profound.
Karina Mosegård 



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