Karina Mosegård; artist in visual art
born 1966, Gentofte, Denmark
1989 to 91 	The Royal Akademi of Art, Denmark, by Freddie Lerche and Oivind Nygaard
1991-92 	Sculptor department, Frederiksholms Kanal, by Professor Mogens Møller
1992-96 	Sculptor department, Charlottenborg by Professor Bjørn Nørgaard and Morten Stræde.
1993-97 	"Universität der Künste", Berlin, Prof. Katharina Sieverding 
1997           Deegre: 1997 Meisterschulerin (MA) Master of Art
Also studied with visiting Teatchers: Matt Mullicans (USA), Nike Bätzner, Claus Bisenbach and  
                   Jutta Köthen mf Berlin
2000-01      University of Copenhagen , The African Studies

1990 "M 1300" B & W, Christianshavn
1992 Pakhuset in Nykøbing S, with other academy students
"Drive-in exhibition," P-basement, Farum Midpoint
1993 Chalottenborgs Spring Exhibition
"Group Show II", Krasnapolsky, Copenhagen
"Take Five", Gallery Art Focus, Hellerup
Christmas Exhibition, Gallery Marius
1994 Comic Exhibition, Copenhagen
The International Performance and Installation Festival, Granada, Spain
 "Social Video, Exhibition Place No. Farimagsgade, Copenhagen
1995 "INTER Cambio", Barselona, Spain
  "Golly Gee" Gallery SAGA II, Copenhagen
1996 Project "Convoy" Turbine Halls, Copenhagen
 "Update" Turbine Halls, Copenhagen
 "INTER Cambio", Round Tower, Copenhagen
"Art Copenhagen" Art Exhibition at Forum, Copenhagen
Events with Mads Steen and Nicolai Meedom in Show Room "Eat Me"
 "Layer 1", Sculpture Exhibition, Copenhagen
1998 "When the plastic becomes 'art', Technical Museum, Elsinore
"Convoy 2" "Overgaden" Ministry of Culture's exhibition hall, Copenhagen
"Andersen's Apartment" Berlin-Mitte, Germany
"Art Factor" involved with video of Frank Benno Jung Hanns install "Blau", Berlin, Germany
1999 "ART CAPITAL", Danish / German group exhibition, KX, Fighting Nagel, Hamburg
"Back4you" kunstbrief 4-release party, Galerie im Parkhaus, Berlin, Germany Exhibition, Chalottenborg, Copenhagen
2000 Event with bla. John Øivind Eggesboe, the release party for the magazine "Free", Frame, Copenhagen
Standart, Nordicliveart Festival Nefatiti, Gothenburg, Sweden
"Flashback" group exhibition, Produzentengalerie Art Factor, Berlin-Mitte, Germany
"Everyone who Raum" Proskauer str 38, Berlin-Friedrichshain, Germany
"Freeways and Garage" Sparwasser, Berlin - Mitte, Germany
Art shop v. Pia Johansen / Ragna Wehding, Kopenhagen
Participated with a history of text collection "Yours truly", compiled by Jacob Fabricius
2001 "Backwards", event / exhibition of UD, steriobar, Copenhagen
"Landfraktale" install / landart, Kassel, Germany
Karaookeaften, own karaooke videos samarb. m. AM Plough, Hacienda, Ørstedsparken, Copenhagen
Participated with a history of text collection "True Lies", compiled by Jacob Fabricius
 "Nordic" The lesieuer club Mogadischni, Copenhagen
2002 "Fanatasien to power", joint project with "BATUT" With Jes Brinck, Moen
Alibi, "all live in igloos town" the free exhibition hall
2003 Ideboxing, Stockholm Art Fair, Sweden
Ideboxing, Overgaden, Ministry of Culture Exhibition Hall, Copenhagen
RUM CO., summer event, Copenhagen
RUM CO., Polar Exhibition, Copenhagen
Young Fasion, Grondal Centre Bellahøj, Copenhagen NV
United networks, Raca, Copenhagen
2004 Fanny & Foxy Fasion Fair 1 / 04, Culture stables, Copenhagen
Rookies, stockholm
ON THE ROAD, United networks, Belarus, Minsk
Fanny & Foxy Fasion Fair 2 / 04, Culture stables, Copenhagen
Ideboxing, Aarhus Art Museum
Ideboxing, Randers Art Museum
ON THE ROAD, United Networks, Vancouver, Canada
SHOW GIRLS, Raca, Copenhagen
Toilet Show, Lady Fest, Vega, Copenhagen
The Artcollektion from Frank Benno Jung Hanns, Art Factor, Berlin
2005 CPH Vision, February, Øksnehallen, Copenhagen
Pacagingdesigns, Nordic Light Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden
Designs in 2005, Swedish Form, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden
"Die Totesinsel" Art Factor, Berlin, Germany
CPH VISION, August, Øksnehallen, Copenhagen
Pick & Mix, Pret A PORTE, Paris Expo, France
2006 STREET couture; Bread & Butter, Barcelona, Spain
STREET Couture; Bread & Butter, Berlin, Germany
Pick & Mix, Pret A PORTE, Paris Expo, France
2007 FAST, WHO NEXT, Paris Expo, France
SPORT &STREET; Bread & Butter, Barcelona, Spain
Catalog Center, CMYK project room, Copenhagen N
2008 EN AREA, PREMIUM, Berlin, Germany
Broom; Raca, Copenhagen
Raca on Alt_Cph, Factory of Art and Design

1992 "Catacombs", Council cellar Chalottenborg.
"Angels show" Niels Erik Ubbe, Copenhagen.
1993 Installation, Ballerup Library.
"Playtime Baby", Gallery Nådada (with Anne Marie Ploug).
1996 "Private", Ministry of Culture exhibition building "Overgaden", Copenhagen
1997 Schloß Wilhelmsthal, Kassel. (With Jörg Hasheider) Germany
"X X X" Galerie "K2", Berlin, Germany
1998 "Nature dreams" 3 Plant, im Parkhaus Gallerie, Berlin, Germany
1999 Exhibition of sculptures at DGI Centre, Copenhagen.
"Days and Nights" three installations in Produzentengalerie Art Factor, Berlin-Mitte, Germany
2000 "House", a joint project with Nils Viga Hausken, Arendal Arts Foreign, Norwegen
Salon2000dk, a salon project with Anne Marie Ploug
2002/09 ART OF THE COMMOM MAN, standing t-shirt project in public spaces
2003 ART OF THE COMMOM MAN, Robert & Blad, Malmö
2004 During World, Raca, Copenhagen
2009 House II, Banko, Ørestad Boulevard, Copenhagen joint project with Nils Viga Hausken

1992 in Olaf Metzeler's Performance in Tapko.
1994 Nominated for "Schöne Aussicht" Art statt werbung, D Bahnhof Alexanderplatz, Berlin (with Angelica Middendorf),
1995 Painting Assistant Matt Mullicans (American painter), Berlin, Germany.
Employee at the project "Wrapped Reihctag" by Cristo & Jeanne-Claude, Berlin, Germany.
1996 Künstlerinnenbesprechung, Art History, Humboltuniversitet, Berlin, Germany.
1997 Decoration for Erik Spricermanns 50th Birthday Event in Court E-Werk, Charlottenburg, Berlin, (with bla. Ella Klatchka)
1998 four-month stay at "The Danish Institute in Rome, Italy
1999 4-month course in classical animation and cartoons, Frederikesberg media school.
2002 ART OF THE COMMON MAN Roskilde Festival
2003 kunst.nu, webudstilling arranged by P. Rossel & Klaus Tjell
video production, Event of the publisher arena, readings, etc.
presented at Kopenhagen.dk shop & showroom / shop
2004 "Sugar Puffs," co-creator of the new statuette for distribution in Advertising Industry Award 'Sugar Puffs'
The Packaging Design Challenge, won first prize in The Packaging Design Challenge, Swedish Form, Stockholm

LEGACIES from 1993 – onwards to 2010;

Miss Marie Månsons Grant
Mogens Poulsen's memorial scholarship
Familien Hede Nielsens Fund
Ragnvald & Ida Blix Foundation
Erasmus, Fondation idella
Nominated for "Schöne Aussicht" Art statt werbung, U-Bahnhof Alexanderplatz, Berlin (with Angelica Middendorf)
 Queen Ingrid's Roman Foundation; to stay on
"The Danish Institute in Rome"
Has received support from the CDB, for several exhibitions abroad.
Copenhagen Cultural Foundation
project support from the Art Council, Arts Council
Tuborg & Carlsberg Foundation
Grant Residence in Scandinavian Association, Rome
BG / Bikuben Fund scholarship residences several times

Web pages with relevat documentation, interviews:
http://www.Spielfeld.net mf. mf.

Karina Mosegård  Biography